Annual Plan (2012/13)

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Submitted by Ralph Morgan and Colin Taylor


Core Value and Committee Development Strateqy

  •       Committee members will need to become pro-actively involved with all the

             committee activities.


  •       Too often in the past, the load was being carried by the chair and not being
             delegate to the committee members.


  •      This will help develop committee members and train future committee



  •       Les Ferguson has volunteered to co-ordinate

  •       One meeting per month will be set aside for Rotary business, for example

             change over in July, DG visit in September and the Foundation in


  •       We do not want to become known as just a speaker's bureau

Hotel Liaison

  •       Wayne Walling has agreed to continue to co-ordinate

  •       Wayne and Colin will talk with hotel (including Lynn Flury) to look at (a)

             seasonal adjustments to meal minimums; (b) variety and options available

             for breakfast; and (c) look at pricing.

  •      Will take the menu options back to the club members for their feedback.


Power Point and Projector System

  •     Wayne Walling will be the point person to look after the projector.

  •     Robert Fisher has agreed to donate a suitable computer device in

           exchange for a tax receipt to enable power point presentations.

  •    We need a secure place at the hotel to store the electronic equipment.

          Previously they had suggested behind the front desk.

Sergeant and Front Desk Schedule

  •   Ralph has drafted a schedule for the next 12 months. We will release it to

         the members every three months on a six month rolling basis to ensure that

         members have enough but not too much notice of their duty.

  •   Committee will need to develop a list of effective sergeant candidates

  •   We should look at training prospective new sergeants.

  •   Pairings on front Desk will need to ensure experienced member is there

         with a newcomer.

Attendance Reporting

  •   Statistics need to be reported to the Club Secretary for transmission to

         District and Rl.

  •   Reports need to be provided to the membership committee who will be

         responsible for follow-up with members who are missing meetings.

  •   Front desk personnel should be reminded to always ask about make-up

         meetings/ activities (14 days before or after).


  •   Look at ways to make "Guess who's coming to Dinner" a year round event.

  •   A committee member will not necessarily need to organize the event but

         rather would act as a clearing house. lf four members are free on a

         particular weekend, then they are connected and they make arrangements.

  •   This could be someone's house but could be a restaurant, picnic, golf club,

         etc. The meal need not be a dinner but breakfast, brunch or lunch would be

         equally possible.


Foundation Draws

  •   Don Robson and Cliff Hayes have volunteered to carry on in Ralph's


  •   The committee will need to look at ways to elevate the quality of the prizes.

         The jokes about "re-gifting" can only go so far.

Room Set Up

  •   Develop a protocol for a member(s) who arrive first to check out the flags,

         banner, etc so that deficiencies can be rectified before am.

Targeted Fellowship

  •   Corn Roast

  •   Christmas Party

  •   Change over Meeting

  •   What else could/ should be planned?